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抗议的背后——Jimmy Kimmel为何让美东华人如此愤怒?
2013-11-08 19:44    
Inviting children to discuss national issues was meant to be comedy, but one boy’s words sparked controversy beyond anyone's expectations.[查看详细内容]  分享到微信
Inviting children to discuss national issues was meant to be comedy, but one boy’s words sparked controversy beyond anyone's expectations. 

In the Kids' Table segment of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on ABC, the host didn't stop to correct a 6-year-old when he said "kill everyone in China." And this show was broadcast as usual.

Many Chinese found it unthinkable, unacceptable. 

"I have two children myself. They say silly things all the time. But this is very inappropriate for a taped TV show."

"A formal apology is a must."

Some Chinese also worriedly assumed that the kids could have been influenced by their parents and other adults.

"Maybe their families are biased against China and Chinese."

Anger and worry turned into action.
On November 9, Chinese-Americans from New York and New Jersey held a protest in front of Manhattan's ABC building. Many of them were wearing red, white and blue ribbons and holding American flags, meaning they were Chinese-Americans.

They demanded that ABC stop the show and fire Jimmy Kimmel.
Even though ABC has sent an Asian political organization statements of apology; even though Jimmy Kimmel has apologized on his show and walked out of the studio wearing a T-shirt saying "Peace" to talk to the protesters in person, New York's protesters still believed that ABC and Jimmy Kimmel only wanted to get it over with, rather than recognizing the essence of the problem.

What is the problem then? What do protesters really want?

Many in the media have asked what the protesters want even after all the apologies.

There are in fact different opinions within the Chinese community.

Some think that this controversy is derived from cultural differences. 

"That's an interesting idea" in the context of the talk show could mean that the host does not want to agree with the kids. But once it's translated to Chinese, it means "this idea is very interesting," which indicates applause. 

Others believe that even in a talk show, any comments related to genocide should not appear; That the host and the media outlet should apologize for allowing such words to air. But the Chinese protesters should stop after the apologies because ABC would never cancel a show due to kids' comments.

However, the crowd of protesters disagreed.

Mrs. Wang from New Jersey is a housewife. She usually doesn't pay attention to the news. But when Mrs. Wang learned about this, she pulled her kids from school to bring them to the protest.

"My two children were born in the U.S., I hope this day will stay in their memories forever."

Mrs. Wang said she wants her children to know that Chinese-Americans should feel equal with all other ethnicities. 

"They should enjoy the same right to pursue a happy life and should not be bullied or verbally bullied."

To many Chinese protesters who have been striving for decades in the U.S., to numerous parents and their children who were born in the U.S., to Chinese-Americans whose immigration history is as long as any other race but have had very few marches, the purpose of these protests might not be just for an apology.

They want to be heard, be respected as people who strive to survive on this land called America. 

The marches and protests may just be the very beginning.

邀请孩子讨论国家大事,本是为了增加脱口秀中的笑点,却不料无忌童言引发争端。在美国广播公司深夜节目Jimmy Kimmel 秀的孩子桌环节中,主持人Jimmy Kimmel对孩子“杀光中国人”的话,没有任何阻止和纠正,而这一期节目也正常播出。这让不少华人觉得不可思议、不可接受。也有华人担心地推测,孩子这样说,是受到了家长和其他成年人的影响。

愤怒、担心最终化成行动。11月9号,来自纽约、新泽西等美东地区的华人,在曼哈顿美国广播公司大楼门前抗议。不少游行者都佩戴着红白蓝,美国国旗色的彩带,现场也有多面美国国旗,表明游行者以美籍华人的身份提出抗议,要求美国广播公司停止Jimmy Kimmel节目,解雇Jimmy Kimmel。

虽然,美国广播公司向亚裔政治组织80-20促进会表示口头和书面的道歉,Jimmy Kimmel本人,也在自己的节目中道歉,并穿印有汉字“平”的T恤,走出摄影棚,与抗议人群对话。但到ABC大楼抗议的人们,认为ABC和Jimmy Kimmel以这样的方式道歉,只是为了平息事态,而并非真正认识到问题所在。


其实不用等人发问,华人群体中间就有不同的意见看法。有人认为,整个事件来自文化差异,that’s an interesting idea在脱口秀的语境中,是不想赞同孩子的观点,但翻译成中文,就成了“这个想法很有趣。”有强烈的赞同意味。有人认为,即使是脱口秀,杀光某个种族的言论也不应该出现,主持人和播放媒体应为纵容这样的话语道歉,不过华人抗议者应该见好就收,美国广播公司不可能真的因为一句孩童言论停播节目。然而抗议的人群显然并不赞同这两种观点。


在街头采访中,不少非华裔民众也站在了华人抗议者这边。“你们应该为你们的信念站出来,应该获得一个妥当的道歉。” “没有一个族裔希望听到这样的言论,这不能被容忍,这是仇恨。”“这个不对不道德,应该删减,孩子们会说傻话,但成人利用这个,还觉得很幽默,是在很荒谬。”




而游行、抗议也仅仅是一个开始。(美国中文网 曹旋律 赵沐沕)
抗议的背后——Jimmy Kimmel为何让美东华人如此愤怒?
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  • xiaohei:只是些孩子的话,况且,主持人也变相的教育了在场的孩子,欠钱是要还的。想想当年朗朗,作为客人,在白宫表演,演奏了一曲《上甘岭》的主题曲“《我的祖国》。”,那才叫过分哪。毕竟他是成年人啊,美国人及政府上纲,上线,劳师动众大闹了吗?想一想,比较一下,就不难看出,大国,大气,大度和幽默了。
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